THF: Loop Back

SPF Entertainment’s original production to accompany new episodes of The Hidden Frequencies podcast, LoopBack is the official post-podcast talk show which features deep dives into the content of episodes, interviews with actors and writers, and more.

New episodes are available exclusively for Patrons of THF, older episodes will eventually be made public on a rolling basis.


Season 1
Episode 1 – Joe Brogie, Patrick Reiger
Episode 2 – Cissy Jones
Episode 3 – Sharon Muthu, Noshir Dalal, Trevor Devall
Episode 4 – James Mathis
Episode 5 – Kevin & Gunnar Sizemore
Episode 6 – Cherami Leigh
Episode 7 – Interference Investigation
Episode 8 – Kari Wahlgren
Episode 9 – Shelby Young

Season 2