The Story

A longtime creative duo, Shelby Patrick Jones and Patrick Farmer have combined their respective creative firepower under one brand, culminating in the SPF Entertainment studio. (Shelby Patrick Jones + Patrick Farmer = SPF)

We strive to create quality, engaging content while not taking ourselves too seriously. Art is pretentious enough – let’s have some fun with it and shake things up!

Our diabolical plan is to deliver blistering hot entertainment that requires some protection to enjoy safely. Check out the SPF portfolio on the Youtube and Vimeo.

Our current content focus is aimed providing programming and community engagement at Kings of Horror – if you are looking to see what we are up to, please stop by and take a look!

The Content

Kings of Horror – the largest independent horror community on Youtube. SPF is helping curate both content and audience engagement.

SPF Entertainment Presents – a marquee LIVE, scripted movie streaming event featuring unique pairings of directors, films, and genres.

Horrorhut – an independent horror variety series, anchored by permanent hosts and occasional guest hosts

Scream Stream – a live-broadcast horror movie watch party and discussion series featuring hosts Shelby and Patrick

Sadboi Streams – Video game streams and clips by host/player Shelby Jones – Movie Reviews and discussion, established in 2007.

Podcast Network – SPF is building a diverse group of voices and content in a strong network of podcasts

Production & Distribution

SPF Entertainment is always looking for new creators and content. If you are a creator looking for a producer/distributor for your works, please reach out.

We are also pleased to offer our filming, editing, and marketing services to the public. If you would like to discuss a potential project please contact us.